About Us

Synchronized Skating is one of the fastest growing disciplines of U.S. Figure Skating- featuring 16 skaters on the ice at one time. Together, skaters perform elements such as blocks, circles, wheels, & lines, all while moving at high speeds, with intricate footwork and choreography.
Michigan State University Synchronized Skating Team is proud to provide MSU students with the opportunity to continue skating in college, and compete nationally against other teams at the Collegiate synchronized skating level. 
As a Registered Student Organization, MSUSST is completely self-run and self-funded. Team members are full-time students at MSU, who set out to achieve a high level of excellence both in school and on the ice.
The Michigan State University Synchronized Skating Team is the reigning 2018 U.S. National Pewter Medalist! Those interested in synchronized skating or becoming a member are welcomed to visit the team at a MSU hockey game performance or competition throughout the year. Go Green!