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MSUSST is a fully self-funded Registered Student Organization through Michigan State University. All ice time, travel, coaching, clothing, and competition registration is covered by the skaters. In order to keep costs down, MSUSST is always looking for great fundraising opportunities. For more information on fundraising, becoming a sponsor, or how to donate to the team, please contact our PR/Fundraising board member, Kaitlyn Hately, at or


Thank you to our group of Sponsors for the 2022 - 2023 Season!

Michigan State University/Business Sponsors:
Individual Sponsors:

- Donald Gross

- Warren Galeos 

- Richard and Lisa Ma

- Harry and Kimberly Ma

- Emmeline Galeos Zeh

- Kent and Liz Thiesse

- John and Andrea Lumsden

- Rosemary Lewis 

- Nancy Ebner

- Andrew and Hannah Hately

- Doug and Rose Hately

- Doug and Lois Hedley

- Colin Broadworth and Bonita Porter

- Bonita Porter

- Ann Nichols

- Andrew and Jaclyn Dobrzanski

- Deanna Turco

- Thomas and Cynthia Murray

- Peggy and Gary Morrill

- James M. Adams 

- David and Kimberley Barstys 

- Karen LeDent

- Michael and Karen Michalski

- Scott and Julie Hill

- Jeff and Jenny Jones

- Mark and Jackie Perrin 

- Rev. Sharon Wylie 

- Steve and Pam Fant

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